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My Valuable Hunting Knife featured

My Valuable Hunting Knife

By: Guided By Voices Appears on:  When I started this website, I originally had the intention of focusing on the newer works of Robert Pollard since so much of the catalog from 2004 and prior already had guitar tabs somewhere on the internet. Then I began to realize how dissatisfied I was with some of […]

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Map and Key featured

Map and Key

By: Ricked Wicky Appears on:  Nick Mitchell brought some tasty guitar work to Robert Pollard’s table throughout their collaborations on Pollard’s solo album Of Course You Are, the three Ricked Wicky albums, and the 2016 Guided By Voices tour. One of the finest guitar solos he contributed, in my opinion, was on the King Heavy […]

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Office of Hearts

By: Guided By Voices Appears on:  Here’s a simple, wonderful tune from the 1996 Guided By Voices album Under the Bushes Under the Stars, an album that gave us nothing but hit after monster hit. This one is “Office of Hearts,” and it’s nothing but verse, chorus, wordless verse, chorus. Like I said, simple and […]

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Question Girl All Right featured

Question Girl All Right

By: Boston Spaceships Appears on:  Boston effing Spaceships. What more needs to be said? Robert Pollard devoted some of his finest material to this side project, so it’s no surprise that he also decided to add some of their songs to the Guided By Voices live set lists. They played “Question Girl All Right” from […]

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Please Be Honest featured

Please Be Honest

By: Guided By Voices Appears on:  When Robert Pollard dropped Please Be Honest on us in 2016, some felt that it could just as easily have been released as a solo album instead of under the Guided By Voices moniker. Of course, Pollard did play all the instruments on the album by himself, so this was […]

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Make Use featured

Make Use

By: Robert Pollard Appears on:  For “Make Use,” the opening track on his 1998 solo album, Waved Out, Robert Pollard crafts an entire song with basically just one chord shape. It’s a perfect example of how much can be accomplished with the “floating chord shape” guitar technique that he uses in many of his songs. In […]

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Poor Substitute

By: Ricked Wicky Appears on:  Not to go off on a tirade, but if you’ve read one critic’s review of any Robert Pollard musical project, you’ve pretty much read them all. Here’s a drinking game for you: gather a bunch of these reviews, start reading through them, and down a shot any time you come across […]

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Slick As Snails featured

Slick As Snails

By: Robert Pollard with Doug Gillard Appears on:  I don’t know how to properly explain it, but there’s a certain kind of magic that occurs when Robert Pollard teams up with Doug Gillard. You can hear it all over the Guided By Voices records that feature Doug as lead guitarist, on the insanely great ESP […]

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Cold Joker featured

Cold Joker

By: Circus Devils Appears on:  With an output as tremendous as that of the Guided By Voices catalog, it can become a little overwhelming at times to keep up with all of Robert Pollard’s solo and side projects. I believe it’s totally forgivable to not listen to everything he churns out as soon as it’s released; […]

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Bad Love Is Easy To Do

By: Guided By Voices Appears on:  Ah, the reunion albums…each one a tall glass of refreshing new songs, full to the brim with exactly the kind of tasty hooks we’d all come to expect from Bob and the “classic lineup” of Guided By Voices. Not only that, these six albums more than proved that the […]

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