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Bad Love Is Easy To Do

By: Guided By Voices
Appears on: Cool Planet

Ah, the reunion albums…each one a tall glass of refreshing new songs, full to the brim with exactly the kind of tasty hooks we’d all come to expect from Bob and the “classic lineup” of Guided By Voices. Not only that, these six albums more than proved that the band hadn’t reunited simply to “cash in” on the former success of GBV. Playing the hits from the classic-era GBV albums could never be enough for Bob; after all, he’s simply unable to stop himself from writing music.

So it was that he bestowed upon us the wonderful music of the reunion albums, including the subject of today’s post: “Bad Love Is Easy To Do” from Cool Planet. Here are the chord voicings you’ll need to play this song:

Chords used:

Bad Love Is Easy To Do chords

This tune opens up with a guitar earnestly strumming a G5 chord on the twelfth fret, as shown by the guitar tab in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Intro (00:00)

Bad Love Is Easy To Do intro

The intro leads directly into the chorus riff, shown below in Figure 2. This riff shows the “drop the bass” technique of which Bob appears so fond: with your fingers fretted for the G5 chord from the intro, release the finger on the fifth string, dropping it down to an open string. You can follow along with the guitar tab for the remainder of this figure, playing through it all twice before coming to the verse.

Figure 2: Chorus (00:03)

Bad Love Is Easy To Do chorus

The rest of the song is pretty simple strumming of “power chords” with some occasional palm-muting. You can refer to the chord diagrams above for the voicings used. After playing through the chorus riff twice, the guitars play Figure 3 for the verse.

Figure 3: Verse (00:31)

Bad Love Is Easy To Do verse

Figure 4 shows the bridge (“Look you may see…”). You’ll start off by palm-muting the A5 and C5, gradually unmuting during the D5 shown over “wild oak tree.”

Figure 4: Bridge (01:00)

Bad Love Is Easy To Do bridge

All that’s left in this song is the ending, where you’ll just alternate strumming between a G5 and C5, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Ending (01:48)

Bad Love Is Easy To Do ending

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