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Map and Key featured

Map and Key

By: Ricked Wicky
Appears on: King Heavy Metal

Nick Mitchell brought some tasty guitar work to Robert Pollard’s table throughout their collaborations on Pollard’s solo album Of Course You Are, the three Ricked Wicky albums, and the 2016 Guided By Voices tour. One of the finest guitar solos he contributed, in my opinion, was on the King Heavy Metal closing track: “Map and Key.”

I’m not going to provide any guitar tablature for the solo here, but this post will give you everything else you need to play the song. Here are the chords:

Chords used:

Map and Key chords

Next, let’s take a look at this riff. It’s played through twice at the song’s start and then used for the verses. It’s based on a simple shape on the third and second guitar strings, with an open D note drone on the fourth string. The E chord at the end rings out for its full measure.

Figure 1: Verse riff (00:14)

Map and Key verse riff

After each verse, you’ll play these chords for the chorus. The guitar solo also uses the same chord progression repeated over and over until the song fades out. Note that the D chord at the very end is only played during the first chorus; in the second chorus, you skip that D and just repeat the entire progression.

Figure 2: Chorus (00:51)

Map and Key chorus

After the second chorus, you’ll play the verse riff once and then go into the solo (played over the chords from the chorus).

Wail away!