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Office of Hearts

By: Guided By Voices
Appears on: Under the Bushes Under the Stars

Here’s a simple, wonderful tune from the 1996 Guided By Voices album Under the Bushes Under the Stars, an album that gave us nothing but hit after monster hit. This one is “Office of Hearts,” and it’s nothing but verse, chorus, wordless verse, chorus. Like I said, simple and wonderful.

Here are the only chords you’ll need:

Chords used:

Office of Hearts chords

After one measure of drums, the verse riff (shown in Figure 1) comes in along with the lyrics for the first verse. It’s all played on the bottom two guitar strings, using an open string drone. The fifth string rings out an open A note, while the note on the sixth string moves from the ninth fret up to the tenth, back to the ninth, and down to the second. This gives an implied chord progression of A/C# – D – A/C# – F#m.

Figure 1: Verse riff (00:02)

Office of Hearts verse riff

Here’s the only other part of the song you need to learn, and it’s just some strummed chords! This is the chorus, and you can refer to the chord diagrams above for the chord voicings. For the F#m, you could just barre the entire second fret. It’s easier, but the top two strings don’t necessarily need to ring out in that chord.

Figure 2: Chorus (00:34)

Office of Hearts chorus


After the chorus, play the Figure 1 riff again for the “wordless verse,” which is followed by the chorus chords until the song fades out.

Have fun!