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Please Be Honest featured

Please Be Honest

By: Guided By Voices
Appears on: Please Be Honest

When Robert Pollard dropped Please Be Honest on us in 2016, some felt that it could just as easily have been released as a solo album instead of under the Guided By Voices moniker. Of course, Pollard did play all the instruments on the album by himself, so this was no band effort. Some reviewers speculated that he was just trying to cash in on the GBV name, but this is just plain ridiculous. Robert Pollard is Guided By Voices and vice-versa, therefore Please Be Honest, just like any other Pollard release, is a true GBV record. Whichever way you choose to interpret this release, there is one indisputable merit that came with it: Pollard reformed Guided By Voices and toured to promote Please Be Honest.

Huzzah! Long live Bob!

Now let’s take a look at how to play the title track. It’s mostly just strumming of simple chords, which are listed below. You’ll see that this song uses two voicings for the Em chord: one open and one played on the seventh fret.

Chords used:

Please Be Honest chords

“Please Be Honest” opens with a guitar riff based on an open string drone. You’ll fret the sixth string on the third fret, with the fourth and third strings ringing open. Make sure the fifth string is muted throughout. After strumming this a few times, you’ll slide your finger on the sixth string up to the ninth fret, with the fourth and third strings still open. You’ll play through this figure two times before the verse begins.

Figure 1: Riff (00:00)

Please Be Honest riff

The Figure 1 riff is played during the verses, interspersed with chords as shown in Figure 2. Make sure to use the Em chord played on the seventh fret.

Figure 2: First verse (00:09)

Please Be Honest verse 1

Figure 3 shows the first chorus, which is played with chords. Refer to the chord diagrams for the correct voicings.

Figure 3: First chorus (00:39)

Please Be Honest first chorus

After the first chorus, Figure 4 is played to lead into the second verse. This is played before the Figure 1 riff, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 4: Second verse riff

Please Be Honest second verse riff

Figure 5: Second verse (01:07)

Please Be Honest verse 2

Finally, there’s the second chorus. It’s only slightly different from the first. That gives you everything you need to play this song. Enjoy!

Figure 6: Second chorus (01:26)

Please Be Honest second chorus